Reasons to Love a Sheltie!

  • Big enough to meet the world on their own four paws.
  • Small enough you can pick them up!
  • You can knit wonderful garments from their clean shedded out hair!
  • Wonderful watch dogs.
  • Love their families. From children to seniors, Shelties love them all!
  • Incredibly smart. They learn so quickly.
  • Very pleasing to look at.
  • Come in a variety of colors, markings, sizes and personalities.
  • Very alert.
  • Make excellent couch potatoes.
  • Can play ball, frisbee or catch all day.
  • Make wonderful companions.
  • They give you something to get up in the morning for.
  • Allow us to meet other people easier.
  • Great fun to exercise with.
  • When you pet them, your stress and blood pressure are reduced.
  • Shelties LOVE their owners unconditionally!!
  • ....and the list goes on!!!