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Looking for a Sheltie? What to look for in a Good Breeder

  • Someone who health tests their breeding dogs.
  • Someone who shows their dogs to prove that they are worthy of breeding. Obedience, rally, agility and other dog sports also offer proof.
  • Someone who does NOT sell to brokers or pet stores.
  • Someone who invites you into their home, especially to watch the puppies as they grow and change. Is it a clean, healthy environment?
  • Someone who will show you the mom of a puppy who is less than 7 weeks old, and possibly other relatives.
  • Someone who wants “first right of refusal” to have the dog returned to them if the purchaser can no longer care for the puppy.
  • Someone who will “interrogate” you for the good of their puppies and have as many questions for you as you do for them!
  • Someone who will tell you the negatives of the breed as well as the positives.
  • Someone who has shouldered the cost of producing and raising puppies that far outweighs the price of a well-bred puppy.
  • Someone who is "honest" with you.
  • Someone who becomes your friend, helping you to raise a well-adjusted, welcome addition to your community. They are there to answer your questions and concerns. This is a relationship that could last 15 years, so choose the breeder of a four-legged member of your family wisely.
These points are just a sample of the many that you should think about before taking home that puppy.